Nov 9, 2016

Our Meteora Train Tour will leave you in awe! (Video)

Nov 9, 2016


Presenting the breath-taking Meteora destination, one of the most stunning places in all of Greece, now available for you to discover in the easiest, fastest and safest way possible. A train tour from Athens to Meteora!

The Key Tours Meteora train tour:
Starting at 08.30 am from Athens, and indulging in some truly lush countryside scenics from the comfort of your train seat window, just after noon you will be among the magnificent Meteora mountains, ready to be immersed in their emotive story, as narrated by our English speaking guides. Visit at least 2 or even 3 out of the 6 well preserved monasteries, with the most value for money tour that puts your comfort and ease in the priority seat, only with Key Tours. Board the train back to Athens, and be back in the city in time for an evening drink!

The destination:
Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and justifiably so. It is a spiritual place that combines striking natural beauty with the added incentive of exploring some historic monasteries that are built on the summits of these peculiar rock formations. Imposing, impressive, immense, immaculate and monumental, these majestic mountain peaks will create a staggering sense of awe among visitors. 

Standing 400 meters tall, these epic mountain boulders resemble vertical cliffs, so dramatic in appearance but also in history, that a visit to discover them is almost imperative. Built by hermit monks who used to live in the caves of the Meteora mountains until then, they believed the hardship endured to build the monasteries and reside in them with no water or electricity provisions (until recently) was a way of getting closer to the divine, through deeper levels of spiritual awakening. 

Located in the North of Greece near the town of Kalambaka, the Meteora mountains are waiting for you to unlock the key to their riveting essence; their inspiring past, and their astonishing present. 

How we do it:
Discover all our Meteora Tours, depending on your preferences and dependent on your free time. Feel free to peruse the full list of our Rail Tours to find what sparks the adventurer in you! 

And finally, get a taste of our Meteora Train Tour from Athens in the video below…

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