Jan 22, 2020

The top Greek destinations for 2020

Jan 22, 2020


Our first post of the year is full of Greek travel inspiration. Greece has been voted as the top country to visit in 2020, according to Travel Insider, and we couldn’t agree more. At Keytours, we know Greece inside out; our mission is to bring visitors of Greece up close and personal to the most iconic places around the country with tours that reveal astonishing visuals, riveting history, intriguing mythology and exciting experiences that render your trip to Greece as a truly indelible one.

So without further adieu, here are some of the top Greek destinations for 2020. Will you be joining us for a Greek travel adventure this year?

Astounding Athens -
Your visit to Greece must start in Athens. The city which we call a consummate enchantress, Athens is the beacon of ancient Greek heritage and the torch bearer of democracy. The ancient element of Greek civilisation begins and ends with the imposing Acropolis, which acts as the guardian of the city, strategically situated high atop the urban skyline at 150 m above sea level. The natural flat-top rock hill was transformed into an archaic citadel and adorned with more than a dozen structures including several marble monuments such as the Parthenon, Erechtheion and Propylaea, that effortlessly showcase the simplistic elegance of the era’s architecture. Although the Acropolis is the main landmark in plain sight, our Athens tours also include a plethora of satellite sites that will cumulatively leave you in awe and in full appreciation of the legacy the ancient Greeks left behind.

Spectacular Santorini & Mykonos -

Excuse us for being trite, but some things are timeless. Two such timeless islands in Greece are definitely the spectacular Santorini and the glamorous Mykonos. These jet-set Cycladic gems have become landmarks of a quintessential Greek summer, and justifiably so. Cumulatively, these two islands are perhaps the most photographed places in all of Greece. In Santorini, the dramatic landscapes echo in the minds of those who have witnessed them, with romance oozing from every ray of the the island’s emblematic sunset; in Mykonos, nightlife is in overdrive making this island the top destination for partying until the sun comes up, coupled with some phenomenal beaches too. Both islands however have an historical aspect that few visitors find the time to explore. Check our Santorini tours and Mykonos tours, in the hope that you will be curious to discover a different side to these two islands; if so, prepare to be amazed by the ancient heritage behind the cosmopolitan veneer.

Marvelous Meteora -
Caught somewhere between natural wonder, religious historicity and fascinating landscapes of central Greece’s countryside, Meteora are a true showstopper. Witnessing these mind-blowing marvels of nature is something you will not soon forget, instilling a feeling of humility within you as you gaze upon these monumental pillars of divine creation. An undeniably blessed place, the adventurers among you will appreciate our hiking tour of Meteora while those who prefer a more laid-back approach can opt for the train ride from Athens, so that you can soak up the wonderful scenery along the way. Reaching the site, you can opt to visit one of the cliff top monasteries that have been built on the peaks. Regardless of your faith, entering the monasteries is a must-do; they have been restructured to resemble a museum of religious artefacts that are absolutely intriguing to observe. The detailed and intricate artistry and the very life-life icons will baffle your senses.

Legendary Delphi -
The legendary Delphi site is set upon a cascading hill, with phenomenal views of the surrounding mountains. Delphi is one of the most important sites in antiquity, used to be known as the navel of earth. The reason is two-fold; on the one hand, it was considered to be the center of the ancient world as far as they had ventured in exploration, and on the other, there, in the Temple of Apollo, resided an insightful Oracle called Pythia, who was consulted by leaders of army and state before any major strategic decisions were taken. There are a number of other sanctuaries dispersed around the site, as well as an archaeological museum that houses an array of artefacts and relics from among the ruins. Visiting the Delphi site, you will realize that the spiritual energy is tangible, flowing throughout the sacred grounds of this legendary place, and a sense of universal synchronicity will soon begin to settle within you.

Exceptional Epidauros -

In the first leg of the Peloponnese lies the town of Epidauros, which used to be a culture hub during the ancient times. Epidauros boasts the 4th century B.C. ancient theatre which was dedicated to dramatic performances, and still is. This massive marble and limestone theatre was renowned for its exceptional acoustics that allowed for perfect audible deliveries of speech equally to all 14,000 seats positioned amphitheatrically around the stage, the verdant background of which was an integral part of the performance’s scenery. What’s more is that Epidaurus was said to be the birthplace of Asklepios; the son of Olympian God Apollo and father of medicine in ancient Greece. Remnants of a healing sanctuary dedicated to him can be found just a few kilometers from the town. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site is to witness a profound accomplishment in the human development and passion for the arts, amidst some truly beautiful bucolic surroundings.

Why not visit the last four aforementioned UNESCO World Heritage sites of Meteora, Delphi, Epidaurus in a four day classical Greece tour? This tour leaves from Athens, taking you to all these riveting places that will completely change your perspective of Greece beyond its capital city and its most popular islands.

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