Jul 16, 2020

Touring Greece post Covid || Small & private groups

Jul 16, 2020

With the world having written a whole new chapter on how to safely travel after Covid, at Keytours we remain dedicated to showing our guests not only the very best of Greece, but Greece at its very best. Being one of the countries that got a firm grip on the situation, Greece is one of the safest places to visit post Covid.
However, in order for it to remain safe, we must follow certain guidelines that ensure our peace of mind, first and foremost. This is why Keytours has devised some new, group tours and excursions during which our specially trained tour guides can focus on fewer people at a time while guests can maintain the required social distancing.

Semi-Private Day Cruise to Agistri, Moni and Aegina

Although Santorini and Mykonos steal the show when it comes to the Greek islands, Greece is blessed with a couple of hundreds of them. There are those that have been in the international spotlight for decades, while it is others, the lesser known ones, that are favoured by the locals. If there is one piece of advice travellers should always follow is to heed local insight. For those seeking to discover a set of islands that are close to Athens and exude a charming, retro aura then a day cruise to Agistri, Moni and Aegina is the ideal seascape. While on board this cruise, we will treat you to a delicious, Greek lunch as well as other nibbles and drinks. Apart from the picturesque islands of Agistri which is covered in pine trees, and Aegina, the home of the famous pistachio, this scenic, semi-private day cruise will also take you to an uninhabited isle of Moni. The islet is a hidden gem in the Saronic Gulf that is almost magical with wild deer and peacocks as its main residents. In fact, sailing in Greece is something that comes naturally, while it is the best way to get from one place to another and discover enchanting little nooks and bays as you glide along the translucent waters with swim stops for a quick dip in the sea.

Small Group Epidaurus & Mycenae One Day Tour from Athens

If you are staying in Athens and want to spend one day immersing yourself in history that goes off the beaten path, you should consider our small group day tour to Epidaurus and Mycenae. One of the most famous Greek stories is the Trojan War that was waged for Helen, a gorgeous Greek Queen who was abducted by Paris of Troy. She was the wife of King Menelaos, brother of Agamemnon, who was the King of the legendary Mycenae, a military stronghold which commanded the majority of southern Greece, the Cyclades and even Crete during the second millennium BC. This forgotten, ancient kingdom is still mostly intact, as is the famous emblem of the Lion’s Gate as well as the royal tombs. On the same day, you will also get to visit the nearby seaport town of Nafplion, which was actually Greece’s first capital. It too has its fair share of archaeological interest with the imposing Palamidi Castle and the fortified, water castle on the tiny islet of Bourtzi. The next stop on this one day tour is the town of Epidaurus and the namesake, UNESCO World Heritage site theater. Used until this day for special performances, the Epidaurus theater is a marvel of acoustics and a pillar of ancient Greek culture. This tour operates with Whispers devices for the greatest convenience.

Athens city Walking Tour

Now, of course, no visit to Greece is ever complete without strolling around and exploring the capital city of Athens. Those who have walked the walk, will tell you that she is an enchantress, and her crown jewel is the spectacular Acropolis, round which the entire city has been built. As you stroll around its perimeter, consider that those paths were once walked up by the famous ancients Greeks - the philosophers, the historians, the scholars, the people who set the foundations of civilization and democracy. On an Athens walking tour you’ll get to see not only the most iconic landmark of Greece, but also the places that are somewhat overlooked due to everyone focusing on the Acropolis and its museum. You’ll visit the National Gardens next to the Greek Parliament and watch the Evzones, changing of the guard which is an important part of modern Greek culture. You’ll get to walk around the neoclassical hall of Zappeion and the paved square around it, as well as reaching the striking Temple of Zeus and Hadrian’s Arch before making your way up to the Acropolis and stroll around its surrounding hills. The group is limited to 22 people and you will have a professional guide giving you insights and tips every step of the way.

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