Nov 22, 2021

The best sightseeing tours in Athens city

Nov 22, 2021

When in Athens, go sightseeing! Athens is a place of ancient wonder and centuries worth of heritage, waiting for you to discover it all. Especially if you are visiting Athens for the very first time, you are probably wondering what Athens' most unmissable sights are. If you have visited Athens before but didn’t have enough time to witness them all, then, by all means, read on.

At Keytours, we have gathered the best sightseeing tours in Athens city in one place, so that you can get to grips with the fascination of the Greek capital, covering all the top landmarks. Here is your must-do list of the best sightseeing tours in Αthens and the areas that you must check out in order to get a true feel of the city.

Sightseeing tours in Athens: οur top picks!

As tour experts, we have identified the top sightseeing tours in Athens that will not only introduce but also immerse you into the diverse history that shaped the civilization which brought democracy to the world. On these sightseeing tours, we show you around the most quintessential things that make Athens the unique destination it is.

The iconic sites: Acropolis, Parthenon & Museum

Start with the basics - No visit to Athens is ever complete without witnessing the Acropolis and its Parthenon, looming over like bastions of the city. Combining the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum in one tour is the best way to fully comprehend the value of culture that this age brought, weaving in the timelessness that today characterises Athens. Grab our Athens city & Acropolis Skip The Line tour for visiting both landmarks in one go, saving on queueing time too.

Old Athens sites: the Αcropolis & Ancient Agora

This early access, walking tour of the Acropolis & Old Athens is mostly suited to those who prefer an early start to their day, takes you to the legendary Acropolis before going downhill towards the Ancient Agora, a place that used to be brimming with social and commercial interactions of a time long gone. It is extremely well preserved and our knowledgeable guide will let you know all the details of what went on some thousand years ago. We have also included the colourful district of Plaka in this tour.

Ode to the mythological leader: Temple of Olympian Zeus

While the Parthenon was dedicated to Athens’ patron deity, Athena, the Temple of Olympian Zeus had to be built in order to honour the head of the ancient Greek deities, none other than the almighty Zeus. Standing proudly on its own opposite the Acropolis, it was once regarded as being Greece’s largest monument. Combine visiting this remarkable site along with the Acropolis and passing by various other Athenian highlights, with our Athens sightseeing skip the line half day tour that also starts in the morning.

Panathenaic Stadium: where the modern Olympic Games began

An architectural marvel and possibly one of the oldest stadiums in the world of its size, the Panathenaic Stadium, made entirely of marble, is definitely one of the top sites to visit. It hosted the first ever modern Olympic games back in 1896 and it is included in our half-day, Athens private tour along with other iconic sites of the city, ancient and modern. This tour in fact gives you the perfect overview of Athens city, making it ideal for Athens first time visitors especially.

The oldest districts: Plaka & Anafiotika

Athens is not just about all the ancient archaeology - it has history that spans many centuries and ages, and its culture has evolved along with its history. Two areas where you can saunter around to get a feel of the Athens of today with a historical impact, are the colourful district of Plaka (which is the only district that was inhabited since the ancient times) and above it, another settlement that developed from the foot of Acropolis and up its hill, known as Anafiotika. Anafiotika emanates a different kind of vibe altogether, reminiscent of island architecture and there is a reason for that. It was built by various islanders who left their birthplaces to move to Athens city in the 19th century.

The shopping staple: Monastiraki Flea Market

Even if flea markets are not your cup of tea for shopping, Monastiraki represents much more than just that. It has always been the place where the local people would convene, to buy and sell antiques originally but over the years Monastiraki Flea Market has developed into a staple of the city. Colourful and vibrant, especially on Sundays, today you will find bargains on branded shoes, band merchandise, souvenirs of all kinds, trinkets, various products made of olive oil, honey and what not, leather goods, army paraphernalia, new and second hand clothes, used books, music records… you name it, Monastiraki has got it! Even if you are not interested in buying anything, a saunter around the market is one of the most characteristic things to do while in Athens. Visit all three of the following areas on our Original Athens walking tour of Plaka, Anafiotika and Monastiraki plus other top sites including the Acropolis.

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